Re-arranging a classic Disney song for TV spot trailer.

Major trailer placement on the new Star Wars campaign

Heartwarming music composed for the new McDonalds Xmas campaign

Trailer placement for new Netflix series starring Neil Patrick Harris

Harry composes new tracks recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, London.

Harry composed the score to Adobe’s new James Bond inspired advert

Harry is commissioned to compose the music for a new 3 part documentary for Channel 4

Orchestral hybrid trailer tracks at their finest! Must Save Jane’s latest industry release!

What would happen if you got off at a different bus stop? Could you become the leader of an alien race? Maybe, maybe not – but big and small transformations can happen thanks to Netflix.

“The Royals” is probably one show that will make Queen Elizabeth II and her fellow (real life) Royals blush.

Harry has recently been commissioned to compose the music and sound design for two new idents for the BBC.

Harry’s track “Into The Fire” features in the latest trailer for Sky Movies’ Superhero Season. The trailer will be broadcast across all of Sky’s channels and will also feature heavily online.

Must Save Jane’s most recent release, Ethereal Supernova, is now available to the public

Harry has been nominated for a 2013 Trailer Music Award for his track “Into The Fire.”

Harry is commissioned to compose score for new feature film

Harry creates sound design for Original British Drama logo

Harry composes for new BBC1 primetime show

Harry composes hybrid orchestral cues for upcoming trailer album

Harry is commissioned to compose for new international ad campaign