Mary Poppins Returns Theatrical Trailer

“I wanted to say bravo and thank you for the work you did on the MARY POPPINS RETURNS trailer. It was so very well done, I really felt respected and…glorified! And a special thank you for taking my idea that I sent in at the (VERY) last minute and adding it to the mix.” – Marc Shaiman.



Shortly after the announcement was made by Disney about an upcoming sequel to one of their most popular films, Harry was approached to compose custom cues to be used in the film’s trailers. Using the film’s score and new songs by the renowned composer Marc Shaiman, these trailer cues convey all the sense of excitement and anticipation of this magical sequel, whilst introducing the world to the wonderful new songs, reminiscent of the classic Disney era.

In the second of the film’s feature trailers (above) Harry’s music is woven around Marc Shaiman’s score to help the “practically perfect” action come to life!